About us

               Economic efficiency is the criterion for the selection of any technology and business process, important factors still are flexibility, reliability, ease and speed of production, with the increasing competitiveness and quality.

               The company "EUROPROMTEСH" has recommended itself as an executive supplier of modern equipment, spare parts, manufacturer of details by principle of outsourcing and complex technological solutions within the reengineering. The company's clients are different companies, from small private companies up to large international corporations in various areas of heavy industry.

               The company "EUROPROMTEСH" is woking in outsourcing area for industrial production. We produce as a complex individual order and serial parts. We can organize complex workflow with personally selected area or mass production specifically for the client needs based on the customer demands.

               Today "EUROPROMTEСH" offers a full range of services regarding to reengineering, developing and implementing optimal technical solutions and equipment, tools, which can also be custom-made, measuring systems and software. We start from the drawing up to complex  replacement, installation and further monitoring with customer support.

               "EUROPROMTEСH" promotes advanced new technologies to the local and international markets and very often we provide it with trust management service.

                The company "EUROPROMTEСH" provide industrial marketing research, start up process and further legal support for the foreign enterprises in the Russian market.

                The company has experience over 6 years and during this time over 1000 orders have been performed. Today "EUROPROMTEСH" is reliable and the competent partner in B2B area.